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Exam Schedule  

23-24 School Year
June 11, 2024

Hello CPHS Parents and Guardians,

We have received a few inquiries regarding the expectations for students during the upcoming exam period. Culminating tasks and exams contribute to 30% of the student’s final mark, and therefore, participation and attendance are extremely important to help in the success of student achievement.

The Upper Canada District School Board is committed to creating conditions that lead to an improvement in learning for all students. Below, you will find information on Semester 2 Student Success Days/Exam Days coming up in June.   These days provide an excellent opportunity for students to consolidate their learning and work towards improving their achievement through culminating activities. 

Final Instructional Days

The last two instructional days for students this semester are Tuesday, June 18th and Wednesday, June 19th. No new assignments or tasks will take place on these days. During these two days students will be working on completing final culminating projects, review, remediation, and conferencing with their teachers using the evidence record as a guide to determine what areas of growth to explore. Regular attendance expectations and classroom schedules will be in place on these days.

Student Success Days / Exam Days

Exams/Student Success days will run June 20th (period 1 exams), June 21st (period 2 exams), June 24th (period 3 exams), June 25th (period 4 exams) and June 26th will be the last Student Success Day. Expectations for students will vary by course and grade level. Students are only required to attend school to engage in Student Success activities or to complete final examinations (or other final evaluation tasks like interviews). Students who are at risk of failing a course will be expected to stay during the school day to finish outstanding work/tasks.

There will be a quiet study space in the Learning Commons for students not writing exams; students are not to be anywhere else in the school as intermediate classes will be in progress. To keep the halls quiet for everyone, students are not permitted to go to their lockers between 8:10 AM - 10:00 AM (they should bring their supplies to exams to avoid having to go to their locker).  

Final Exams

Grade 9-12 courses have final evaluation tasks that may include final exams scheduled during the Student Success/Exam Days. This information will have been shared with students by the subject teacher and will be clearly indicated in the Student Success Days/Exam Days schedule published by the school one week prior to the start of these five days. Students must stay in the exam for the first hour of an hour and a half exam, and the first hour and a half of a two-hour exam. Exams start promptly at 8:15 AM, so students should be on time.

Parent/Guardian Involvement

Parents/guardians are encouraged to talk with their child about their progress and achievement and their commitments during the Student Success/Exam Days period. Parents/guardians may always reach out to the teacher for clarification.


Bussing will run at the regular times during Student Success/Exam Days.

If you have any questions about your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to reach out to the classroom teacher.

Thank you,
Casey Nelson, Principal

S2 23-24 Exam Schedule

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